About Us


Ficus Panda: Cultivating Sustainable Spaces


We at Ficus Panda have a variety of expertise and hands-on experience to bring to your project. Our work ranges from small scale urban gardens to larger rural landscapes. We enjoy collaborating with other permaculture designers, sustainable architects, homeowners, and community organizations to transform spaces into regenerative and productive environments. Our combined experience at Ficus Panda includes conducting site assessments, creating customized permaculture designs, providing consultation, and supporting clients in the practical implementation of sustainable practices.

It is our work ethic, combined experience and ethos that makes us different from other designers. Our clients' needs are first and foremost in our designs. From there we use the principles of permaculture to work with your land's natural resources to get the most from your land and back into your land and community.

The principles of permaculture include:

  • Observing and interacting with the land
  • Catching and storing energy
  • Obtaining a yield
  • Apply self-regulation & accept feedback
  • Use & value renewable resources & services
  • Produce no waste
  • Design from patterns to details
  • Integrate rather than segregate
  • Use small and slow solutions
  • Use and value diversity
  • Use edges & value the marginal
  • Creatively use and respond to Change

It is through these principles that we design your land to work best for you. We observe the flows and swells, the resources on your land and the many details that go into designing each zone of your property. Our company strives to only use machinery when totally necessary, reducing our emission and limiting the soil destruction and erosion. We work to understand all potential problems due to weather, orientation of land, climate conditions and other outside influences and come up with plans in our designs to solve each problem before it arises. It is also important to us that you are able to use what you have from your own land and bring in as little of foreign materials as possible.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help our clients develop their farmsteads through sustainable practices while working together to understand cutting down our carbon footprint, reducing emissions, self sustainability, and learning conservation.

We further work to understand and help others understand our place in relationship to the environment. We hope to educate our clients and others about conservation practices, giving back to the environment and society and sharing surplus that comes from our land.

Our Team

Amol Ghag

Amol is one of the founders of our company. He has been a yoga instructor for over 20 years.

Prathamesh Katdare

Prathamesh Katdare- is one of the founders of our company.

Prabhanjan Prabhu

Prabhanjan Prabhu - Designer- Mr. Prabhu has a Bachelor of Urban Design from CEPT University.